How To Watch The Scottish Cup Final 2018 Worldwide

The Scottish cup final is a major match this year. Celtic will be playing against Motherwell in this crucial final match, the match has high expectations and many expect Celtic to be the winners.

How To Watch The Scottish Cup Final 2018 Worldwide

In foreign countries it’s difficult to view the match as it’s not viewed for free unlike in UK where you can watch for free. In many foreign countries it cannot even be viewed at all.

The Scottish football league does not command much viewership unlike the English premier league despite even the fact that Stephen Gerard became the new rangers coach not long ago. This article will show how the match can be viewed live on BBC in any country whatsoever.

The following are detailed explanation on how to view the Scottish cup final.

Scottish cup final in foreign countries

It’s easy to view the Scottish cup final in Scotland and as it can be watched on BBC one Scotland and on BBC iPlayer (Official) online. Its however not possible to watch the Scottish league cup final in foreign countries as it’s not accessible outside of the UK environs.

If you try to connect outside UK it would not be accessible.

Despite the barrier foreign countries have its possible to manoeuvre around those preventions on the BBC iPlayer in every geographical region making it possible to view the Scottish cup final and even the FA cup final which would be aired after the Scottish cup final.

The first step to take is to get the VPN app downloaded, it definitely will incur you a little amount of money but it’s a good investment that will give you access to view the match live. The little amount paid will give you access not only for the final alone but it would run for an entire month.

So you would be able to watch different programs that would be showed within the time range.

VPN functions on many devices and operating systems. It’s possible to view the match live also on Smart TV but it must have the BBC iPlayer installed on it. Further details about that will be given in the concluding part of the write up.

To gain viewership access the following steps are needed

  1. Sign up to the HideMyAss Pro VPN , with that you would also have a 30% discount for a 1 year subscription.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device for the from the HideMyAss Pro VPN website.
  3. Click on the app to login and connect.
  4. Make the United Kingdom your location on the apps map
  5. The last step is to connect; you can connect manually if it does not connect automatically.

It takes a short time for the VPN application to start working for live streaming. After connections have been made navigate to the BBC one Scotland to live stream the match and you will be able to view from any geographical region.

The subscription can also be used to watch the champion’s league cup final and also the FA cup final.

If there are further difficulties

There might be some difficulties accessing the Scottish FA cup final. Outlined below are the solutions to common problems people face.

Hide web browsers Identity

Web browsers are designed to recollect information, if you’ve connected to the BBC iPlayer before in another location this time around it’s going to deny you access.

To connect you would have to change your web browsers privacy settings and ensure that that your browsers identity is kept secret by clicking on settings and changing to a secure mode that will not give you away as one from a foreign country.

After that the next step is to

Connect to a different Server

The server you connected with earlier might not have been accessible for that moment so you would have to change to a different server by changing the country to UK after clicking on the HideMyAss Pro VPN app. Then connect to any server available and use a different web browser to access the BBC iPlayer.

View a different program on TV

The next thing to do is to switch to a different program that is also being aired at that moment and watch for a few minutes on the BBC iPlayer and then reconnect back to Scottish FA cup final aired online.

When will the final take place?

The FA cup final 2018 date is scheduled for the 19th of March 2018 by 14:00 BST which is equivalent to 15:00 in Europe.

The FA cup final and the Scottish cup final are scheduled to take place on the same day but at different times, the FA cup final coming after. It’s possible to view both matches on the same day using the VPN app.

The royal wedding will also take place on that same day; the wedding can also be viewed using the HideMyAss Pro VPN which can work on 6 different devices.

Those who don’t really like watching football can connect to watch the royal wedding or any other program of choice.

Celtic will take on Motherwell in the Scottish FA cup final this year as they seek to finish of an already outstanding season by defeating Motherwell to end the season with a treble like they did last year.

Motherwell cannot be underestimated, though they do not seem to be the likely team to win the match.

Celtic defeated rangers and they will come into the match with much confidence, Motherwell is surely going to put of a fight in the final, it’s going to be a showdown.

Motherwell defeated Aberdeen last week; they also come into the match with high morale. Celtic defeated Motherwell earlier in the season and they would hope that it doesn’t happen again in the final.’


The Scottish cup final can also be watched on Smart TV but to view it the BBC iPlayer would have to be installed on it, else it would not be accessible.

If your Smart TV does not have the BBC iPlayer on it then the information below will help you get it on.

  1. Sign up to the Unlocator VPN service by visiting the provider’s platform.
  2. After signing up the next step is to sign in and go to the members area.
  3. A drop box will be displayed it’s expected that you choose geographical area closest to you.
  4. Take note the set of numbers next to the DNS.
  5. Click on settings and navigate to the DNS settings and enter the numbers gotten from the Unlocator DNS website.
  6. After changing the settings on the SMART TV the final step is to connect to the BBC iPlayer and you will be able to live stream the match.

Reinstating and summarizing the main points mentioned earlier

The Scottish cup final can be viewed anywhere in the world. It’s not as difficult as many as think. The match can be viewed with an English commentary live from the BBC station.

To achieve that the VPN application would have to installed on any device of your choice, the app will enable you to choose the geographical region you want to be identified with. Wherever you are in the world the VPN can be used to connect and watch live.

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