How To Watch The Chinese Grand Prix 2018 | Formula 1 Live

This year the Chinese Grand Prix 2018 will be a remarkable one. The Chinese Grand Prix 2018 is a formula one wheel to wheel race. This international world championship competition will bring boisterous show in the upcoming race.

How To Watch The Chinese Grand Prix 2018

The formula 1 is a recognized motorsport event. This year it brought excitement. The third round of the championship will take place in China (the Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai).

Do not get fret about it we will elucidate you that how you can watch all the actions and events of Chinese Grand Prix by using a VPN. (Just read it thoroughly)

In the Chinese Grand Prix (2017) Mercedes got the most recognized vigor but this year we have Ferrari and Red Bull. The Red Bulls established its initial stride in the session but were incapable to match with the stride of Ferrari or Mercedes. That is why the race will be more interesting and exciting.

How to access the Chinese Grand Prix?

In the UK, the Chinese Grand Prix will broadcast on Sky Sports f1 (Official). The subscription package of sky sports is overpriced. But it will broadcast completely free on the other channels of the world.

This is what we will explain that how you can watch your favorite formula 1 racing for free.

If you are trying to access the channels without VPN then you will face instant blockage.

This happens because of geo-restrictions. But with the help of VPN, you can access formula 1 china.

Now, what exactly is a VPN?  it allows users to surreptitiously access data. It allows you to redirect and change your actual location.

The channels which will show the Chinese Grand Prix for free on ORF (located in Austria). You can access formula 1 with the help of VPN.


Here are the suggested VPN that is (ExpressVPN).  Below you will get 6 simple steps that will guide you about (ExpressVPN) and how you can access Chinese Grand Prix live on OPF with the help of (EXPRESSVPN).

How to access Chinese Grand Prix live 2018 in just 6 steps

  1. Go to ExpressVPN website and signup for their services.
  2. Visit the apps side of the ExpressVPN website then start downloading the right app.
  3. After downloading, the installation process starts following the on-screen instructions.
  4. After that, you will start creating your account.
  5. Then, select a server where you want a link. For Chinese grand Prix you need to choose Austria server.
  6. After that press on the connect and enjoy Chinese Grand Prix (2018).

Apart from (ExpressVPN), there are some tremendous alternative VPNs that we recommend are

Characteristics of alternatives VPNs are

  • They work in an awesome way. Since they enhance security and completely delivers privacy.
  • They provide ultra-security and works in a completely anonymous way.
  • These VPNs have countless positive ratings and reviews. You can find them.
  • These VPNs offer 24-7 service and hide your actual location.
  • Their performance is simply splendid.

When the Chinese Grand Prix will begin?

The Chinese Grand Prix motor race will start on 15th April 2018. The f1 season schedule, the championship that is quite phenomenal. Fans are anxiously waiting for the f1 season.

There is a time variance between China and UK that is approximately seven-hour time difference. It means that Chinese Grand Prix season will be shown early in the morning UK time.

The timings of the race are 8 am but in case you want to watch all the overture and actions as well then switch ON your TV at 7 am.

The Chinese Grand Prix (Overview)

The Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai is considered as the classiest track. It was well-known since 2004. According to the f1 calendar the cost of Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai is US$240 million.

This year is the exciting one. Ferrari attained three or four Grand Prix. Whereas, Mercedes was the central player.

Mercedes have won the most. Its driver Lewis Hamilton has achieved the extraordinary success.

The Chinese Grand Prix (A quick recap)

Lewis Hamilton got extra success- to keep in mind his success records it has been assuming that this time the Chinese Grand Prix 2018 will be the most challenging one.

The fans of the formula one will never take a chance to miss any actions.

To access all the latest reviews, recaps and happenings of the Grand Prix then do not opt for Skysports but get an ExpressVPN.

Follow the above steps and connect yourself to the Austrian server.

So, with the help of ExpressVPN, you can access all the live events and actions of the Grand Prix.

In addition, their servers will also allow you to access all the formula 1 championship and other events. You just need to join VPN and then enjoy Chinese Grand Prix 2018.

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