DMCA Policy

In agreement with the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the website will take urgent action in cases of an alleged copyright violation. The strategy of notification applying in such cases is harshly outlined at The copyright legislation must be complying with by all users of SG.

Moreover, In spite of the Site’s risk with regards the encroached assets. So the particular substance will expel from the Website. Now there will be extra limitation or disablement of access to SG. In the case, of any compliance for is the common affability. So we will contact the influenced site’s head for offering the chance to continue with a counter-notice in accordance with areas 512(g)(2) and (3) of DMCA. If there should an occurrence of encroachment, you encourage to get in touch with us by means of our get in touch with our frame.

Finally, In order for the notification of yours to regard as legal, it should contain the following:

  • So classification of the copyrighted substance and, if a list of the copyrighted contents it is more than one.

  • The Site for disabling the content and removing it from the web sufficient contacting information of the party that links.

  • A statement of excellent belief as to the assurance that the content under dispute of intrusion has not been official by SG.

  • The complaining party acts on behalf of the holder of the copyrights. Such a statement is fulfillĀ under the fine of false swearing and a statement are acknowledges that everything written within the notification is accurate.

  • Furthermore, classification of the content that is violating the policy as regards of violation.

  • At the end physical or electronic signature of the authorized person who can declare the exclusion of the infringing content.

Of course, counteract notification will send, including the following for making it efficient and as well as effective:

  1. The place where it publishes the identification of content that was removed.

  2. A result of a mistake misidentification the statement of high-quality and best faith that the content remove.

  3. Satisfactory contact information and full compliance with the particular legislation regarding infraction in any judicial region.

  4. So the individual authorizes to act on behalf of the alleged infringer electronic or physical signature will take place.

Please advise that the DMCA issues additional penalties for false counter notifications. The similar applies to those who file artificial claims. After the issuance of a counter-notification, a copy will send to the Complaining Party. If the website does not take notice from them within 10 business days after the receiving of the counter-notification as regards the action filed legally. At the last, the website can restore and as well removed the content.

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