How to Watch the History Channel Outside of the US


In recent years, the History Channel has expanded widely beyond its original programming of quality documentary programming to become a full network of entertainment.

How to Watch the History Channel Outside of the US

The original concept of producing History Channel Shows was to provide top notch documentary style shows for the education and entertainment of a variety of viewers. Today, they host a variety of docu-series, informational broadcasts and acclaimed drama series.

With shows like Hunting Hitler, Vikings, Forged in Fire and The Curse of Oak Island, the History Channel is hosts some of the most popular programs airing today.

The premium content is also now available on the History App that allows fans and new viewers with multiple ways to watch the History Channel on a multitude of devices.

If you want to watch History Channel live online it is as easy as downloading the app to any of your devices including Chromecast, ROKU, iOS systems, game consoles or Android systems.

With the new History Go app, you can enjoy the quality content from anywhere. That is, unless you happen to be outside of the U.S. The History Channel uses geo-blocking technology that allows only users inside of the U.S. to have access to their programming.

Whether you are a U.S. ex-pat living abroad, traveling on business or for pleasure, there is a simple way to get around these geo-restrictions and gain access to your favorite shows.

How to Watch the History Channel With VPN Outside of the US

Let’s talk about VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks. A VPN is basically a service that is provided that will hide your IP location and allow you to privately and securely connect to a local U.S. server no matter where you are.

Using a quality VPN services like HideMyAss Pro has many advantages when streaming online programming:

  • They unblock any geo-restrictions in place by masking your true location and connecting you to a local server privately
  • As well as, they allow you to bypass and ISP Throttling that can significantly slow your download speeds
  • Also, they allow all of your online activity to remain completely private and anonymous

There are many VPN providers out there that can be relied upon for privacy and excellent service like HideMyAss Pro, or Unlocator VPN. Be cautious of free services as they have a reputation for slow streaming and susceptibility to malware viruses.

We recommend a paid service that can be easily set up and downloaded for under $10/mth. This will give you a virtual tunnel of privacy for all of your online activity and give you access to any shows that may be restricted.

Getting set up with a VPN is a fast and easy process and you don’t need to be a computer genius to get it done. To watch the History Channel outside of the US you need to hold a valid cable subscription and then just follow a few easy steps:

  1. Make sure that you have a valid US cable subscription that supports the History Channel programming
  1. Choose a quality VPN provider and visit their website.
  1. Follow the easy to use registration and downloading instructions.
  1. Choose a local US server from the selection given by the VPN provider and connect.
  1. Go to your cable service website and click on the History Channel
  1. Enjoy your favorite programs from wherever you may be.

Most VPN providers are compatible with almost all systems and devices to give you unlimited options for your viewing. While living or traveling abroad, this easy system to get around restricted content with a VPN can be perfect for you.

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