How to Watch NFL Live Stream Internationally


Being a football fan can get expensive for those who can’t stand to be left out of the action of even a single game. In the US there are many different packages that fans can sign up for whether through satellite or cable providers that can add up quickly if you want all the features that are available to watch NFL online live streaming using a VPN.

How to Watch NFL Live Stream Internationally

The NFL offers Game Pass which is an international package for football fans outside of the US. In the US and Mexico, the NFL offers Audio Pass, (you can listen to live games) and Game Rewind, which is used as an on-demand service. However, neither is as good as the Game Pass for watching an online stream of the NFL full schedule of regular and post season games.

Game Pass offers international football fans the chance to stream live NFL coverage from anywhere but its only available outside of the US. For residents of the US to be able to watch NFL game coverage with no blackouts or restrictions, you must download a VPN service to mask the location of your IPN.

What is a VPN? How does it work?

A virtual private network, or VPN, will give you access to Game Pass from anywhere by changing the location of your IP address. This International package is only offered to customers outside of the US currently. Your connection will also be encrypted, protecting your data and allowing you to browse safely online. With a VPN, you can access unblocked NFL games easily.

Setting Up your VPN and Game Pass

There are numerous VPN Providers out there that can be used to allow you to watch NFL online streaming but for this purpose we recommend HideMyAss VPN services. They provide worldwide server options and they support the highest bandwidth across the globe. Setting up your VPN is easy with many platforms providing you with step by step instructions. Follow these simple directions and you can be ready to go within minutes.

  • Enroll at HideMyAss Pro to set up your VPN
  • Connect to Game Pass site
  • Make sure to click on the International version and connect to server outside the US
  • You can choose the currency in which you wish to pay
  • Select package
  • Payment can be made on any credit card regardless of the owner address

And you are all set to watch the full NFL Schedule of 256 games including the post season and the Superbowl with NO BLACKOUTS! Game Pass is an affordable option considering that instead of multiple costs with Satellite, cable and additional packages this is a one-shot deal for NFL game coverage that you want.

Game Pass boasts many features including Live NFL game streaming, NFL Network Live, NFL Red Zone Live, condensed games, NFL Live Play by Play, live NFL HD stream coverage on available games and it is compatible with almost all devices.

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