How Do You Watch Netflix on school Wifi


What is Netflix?

It’s a video-on-demand service whether movies or series of all categories and all ages. It’s like watching a movie on your TV, but Netflix works on the Internet and works on almost all known devices.

How Do You Watch Netflix on school Wifi

Netflix is a custom-made watch service which allows you to choose the movie or series that you want to watch and display in high quality without commercials.

Netflix features its exclusive library of films and serials with exclusive productions, specially produced content to be shown on Netflix first, most notably the House of Card series.

It offers 3 monthly subscription packages, the first month is free, and the first package provides basic content. The quality is acceptable, the service is not allowed on more than one device at the same time, and the price of this package is $ 8 per month. The second is the standard subscription fee of $ 10 per month, offering good quality content, and you can use the site on only two devices.

For the third and final package, it is the best type of package offered by Netflix. It offers content of very high quality. You can use the site and watch on four devices at once. You can renew your subscription by credit card; the monthly subscription fee is $ 12.

Netflix has More than 70 million subscribers and spends more than 120 million hours viewing the content of the site every day from all over the world.

Why is it blocked in schools?

It is blocked to keep students’ focus and not to waste time. Teachers think that this website makes them lose their attention. Since students attend the school for educational needs it’s blocked as well as the other popular one YouTube to prevent destructions.

It is better to give students an opportunity to get rid of the stress of studying throughout the school day by using this website no matter to have little time of fun and entertainment during their day at school So If you’re a student and seeking for a way to unblock Netflix let yourself take a tour to know How you can unblock it.

How to unblock school websites

Using a VPN

Generally, it is one of the best ways that anyone can use it to remove restrictions on Internet use. Because of the service actually works according to the declared claims for speed and security, (but it is not free). VPNs are servers you connect to. This allows you to change your IP address to another server, meaning you are not using your school’s servers to access online material.

You can browse blocked websites without worrying about quality; VPNs offer many different advantages other than Netflix access, such as online identity concealment and dual protection while browsing. Most VPN services work by using existing IP addresses in at least 25 different countries.

Users have the option of contacting all of them. A VPN subscription starts at $ 3 per month and reaches $ 10 per month (which is against most premium subscriptions). But it is better to rely on the service cost $ 10 per month to increase the quality of video and broadcast. These are some of today’s best and most popular VPN services:

Using SmartDNS

This options one of the most cheaper services that you can unblock Netflix that look for an unblock service that works with DNS – your Domain Name System – like Unlock-Us or Smart DNS Proxy but, you will have to change your IP the same like VPN only for the sites you choose only.

One of the advantages of this choice it does not need any installation software running on any device and it is also faster. You can use Unlocator for free to try it and decide if it is worth paying, it provides you with 7 days for free.

Using Proxy

Another option completely free and will hide your ID; it allows routing your Internet path to go through the server. In general, the proxy is free and its use may be troublesome because of hundreds of ads on it. As well as it is used by thousands of people around the world this means that their speeds are slow.

If you are using a proxy remember that the video broadcast will put a huge load on your bandwidth which may slow the transmission speeds. Also, the best alternative is to download a movie or TV program that may take a long time. If you would like to know more about the proxy, visit The site has great information about the proxy and will definitely find the option that suits you.


Is that all there is to it?

Yes for sure it is the perfect ways to unblock Netflix without problems; you have three options to choose.
In my opinion, the highly recommend one is VPN due to its high speed but If you don’t have much of budget you should choose SmartDNS or the use of proxy whatever you choose it will be the certain solution for your problem and Netflix going to be unblocked.

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