How to Watch ESPN Outside US (The Complete Guide)


ESPN is a combined venture between The Walt Disney and the Hearst Corporation, it delivers live streaming global sports-related events to its followers. Now, the question is where one can watch ESPN online free?

How to Watch ESPN Outside US (The Complete Guide)

The answer is through “Sling TV subscription service” that is indeed a real game changer it absolutely eradicates the obstacles and has introduced more cable packages with additional networks.

There is much more to talk about “Sling TV” because it has the competency of work through

  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox One

These websites are really amazing and have special deals.

But how to get ESPN? For this all you need to install Kodi that plays all type of contents as it is an open source media player.

After installation of the Kodi, click on add-on source and at the same time click on video add-ons and scroll down till you see the choices between two ESPN or ESPN player.

After that, the immediate step is to click on the ESPN option for complete installation. When it is completed then go back to Kodi home screen and press the option where you can easily watch ESPN.

How to watch ESPN outside the US is an easy task when you are done with the authorization details.

It is a great choice for sports streaming. Subsequently, it has altered the networks into the regular line-up for available users who WatchESPN app online with their TV IDs.

Besides, ESPN is part of the basic Orange package with the extensive rate of $20 per month, and the good thing is there is no agreement.

So, you can easily remunerate once-a-month and can withdraw anytime.

The programming like SEC Network, ESPNU, NHL Network, ESPNews, beIN Sports is also available with the package and that only charge $5 per month.

While acquainting with ESPN that is basically a Programming System and has been offering its services since 1979 it has lots of viewers but problem is that it’s some sections are still not available for audiences who are not living in the US.

There are many geo-restrictions and these limitations thwart other people to watch who are not living in the US.

Moreover, this is not only restricted to the people living in third but also for the people of other countries like (France, Spain, Germany, Australia, Canada and the UK).

So, whenever, the audience outside the US tries to connect they probably receive the message which is “you cannot access this site”. so, the unpretentious step to unravel this interruption is the use of VPN.

VPN is a great part of the software that hides your location. The best VPNs have swiftness for HD streaming, have DNS leak shield to prevent the user’s location, also have an extensive range of US servers to avoid regional embargos, and foremost it is easy to access.

The Best VPN for ESPN

  1. When it comes to keeping yourself secure, then the best VPN “HideMyAss Pro” couldn’t be ignored. It offers tremendous services like Multi-device (from 1 license lets you run 5 connections), multi-platform (Apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and windows pc), unlimited access and of course super speedy.
  1. On the other hand, ExpressVPN servers are positioned in 78 countries. It has apps that are well-suited with Windows.
  1. IPVanish VPN works with many servers in 60 different countries. Most incredible part is that it has all its corporal servers, unlike some other VPNs.
  1. Its company is in the US and follows the policy with 256-bit on the OpenVPN protocol, SHA512 verification, and a DHE-RSA 2048 key exchange secrecy.
  1. NordVPN offers to inspire 57 servers. It operates with a gigantic 375 average VPN. Moreover, its operators can pay through bitcoin.
  1. VyprVPN offers its services in 60 countries and 9 of those locations are in the US. The company practices 256-bit AES and works with the world’s hardest environments.

How to watch ESPN with SmartDNS

Another one is SmartDNS service, Smart DNS services allow users to stream high-quality content online.

It works by redirecting the user’s connection which discloses his/her location. So, this service is smooth hence it doesn’t change the user’s local IP address.

To watch ESPN free. Then there are many streaming services that permit you. It proposes a restricted set of ISPs to access further.

It means that if your internet package allows then you can watch through the Watch ESPN app or with your Xbox Live Gold membership.

On the other hand, DIRECTIVE NOW is an amazing service provider use for to watch ESPN online.

It has introduced by AT&T. It is a streaming TV service the main strategy is to contest it with SLING TV and play stations as well.

The best thing about DIRECTIVE NOW is that it doesn’t require a box, dish or even contract.

It is providing an incredible facility that is to watch a countless number of sports programs but at the same time, it requires cable login to access ESPN.

Here, the enthralling element is that you can easily get most streaming and mobile device on the laptop. Since DIRECTIVE NOW has fully launched and it is accessible countrywide. The great thing is it is incessantly evolving as the service grow further with new networks.

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  1. Before I bought a nordvpn subscription I tried free trial and I was surprised by the browser extension, it is very lightweight so serves well even using on a tablet.

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