How to Watch DramaFever Outside the US – The Complete Guide


Foreign language entertainment has become the fastest growing on demand service requested in the US. With on demand streaming of a multitude of Spanish and Asian programming, DramaFever is growing more popular every day.

How to Watch DramaFever Outside the US - The Complete Guide

Offering exclusive content, foreign language films, drama series, telenovelas and documentaries in various languages, it is easy to see why Drama Fever is in high demand. There are already over 3.5 million monthly subscribers.

With the increase of global immigration that has happened over the past few decades, Drama Fever is a perfect source of entertainment for those who are looking for programming that is right for them. Popular Spanish shows as well as endless Asian content make up a huge part of the programming schedule for all to enjoy.

Boasting the largest digital library of foreign content, DramaFever is available via app and watchable on any of your devices. Whether you watch on your iPad, Android phone, Smart Tv or game console, the DramaFever app is available to you.

The only issue, is that with regulatory geo-restrictions, you can only enjoy DramaFever if you are living in North America or Spain. If you are outside of the US, you will run into problems trying to watch your favorite shows that will likely be blocked. Not to worry, there is a simple solution to still connect to your favorite content even if you are outside the US.

VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks are the answer. A VPN is essentially a tool that is downloaded onto your device, that will reroute all of your online activity through a secure tunnel that hides it from the public sector.

Using a reliable VPN HideMyAss Pro to get around geo-restricted programming allows your IP address to appear to be someplace else where your programs are not restricted. There are many VPN providers out there, but it is important to avoid any free services. No charge providers will often have issues with malware and slow speeds.

Most paid VPN providers are secure, easy to use and affordable at under $10/mth. Using this type of secure online tool will give you the chance to have unlimited access to DramaFever as well as protecting and encoding all of your private online activity.

Drama Fever offers a premium membership that will automatically allow you access to full HD programming. It also eliminates most of the adds that you may see with the general sign up. Watch your favorites like Descendant of the Sun, Heirs, Running Man and Secret Garden with minimal interruptions.

How to Set Up DramaFever with a VPN

It couldn’t be easier to get yourself set up with a VPN and ready to watch DramaFever whenever and wherever you want. Follow the below instructions and get ready to enjoy unlimited entertainment with no blocking.

  1. Choose HideMyAss Pro reliable and reputable VPN provider
  2. Download the program with easy to use instructions from your chosen provider.
  3. Open your new VPN dashboard and choose to connect to a server in the US.
  4. Download the DramaFever app (if you don’t already have a membership)
  5. Open the app and create an account
  6. Get ready to watch DramaFever wherever you want!

Just a few simple steps to unlimited online streaming foreign language entertainment. Follow the steps with your new HideMyAss Pro VPN provider guide and you are ready to go. The VPN will allow you to appear to be connected to a server in the US, thus bypassing any regional restrictions. Get ready to enjoy all your favorite shows.

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