How To Watch Commonwealth Games 2018 Online Anywhere


Since 1930, Australia has aesthetically presented at every commonwealth games and this time it will be the fifth time for Australia when it will stage the commonwealth games 2018.

How To Watch Commonwealth Games 2018 Online Anywhere

It will remarkably represent the international sporting excellence of the commonwealth games. No doubt, visitors, and game lovers are anxiously waiting for this big event.

The 2018 commonwealth games opening ceremony will be held in Queensland, Australia on 4th April and 15th April (2018).

The Commonwealth games history reveals about this big event where influential sporting nations are enthusiastically taking part. This is something which you won’t miss.

But regrettably, this is contingent in your country where you are residing. So, this is significant to know that what sort of coverage you are getting or they are providing. Some countries offer great coverage while others don’t.

Now, the first question that comes here in your mind is that how to get rid of this situation? This guide will briefly elucidate this complex situation and shall try to shed light on this matter.

you see the list of commonwealth games countries are approximately 53 who are participating and nearly there are about 71 teams. In addition, there will be 19 different sorts of sporting events that include (swimming, cycling, and Judo to para lawn bowls). Indeed, it is a big figure with super excited fun.

Secondly, this is important to mention here that Australia is the most efficacious in terms of commonwealth games whereas the second number goes to England and Canada is in the third number.

People are super excited about the big event. But the great challenge is how to see commonwealth games in the UK?


To access the commonwealth games in the UK you need to follow BBC iPlayer (Official). The BBC iPlayer offers a tremendous service.

If you are residing in the UK or outside the UK you can get benefits from this service without difficulty. Yes, you can access BBC iPlayer one and two. There are different options with the help of those options you can further access it. But if you are residing in the UK then what happens?


Fortunately, there are still different options for you if you are not living in the UK. you can access the activities of the great event with the help of BBC iPlayer but BBC iPlayer will not completely serve you until or unless you use VPN.

If you try to access BBC iPlayer service from any other place then you will face a hard time. you will immediately be blocked by the service. But with the support of VPN then the circumstances will be in your favor.


What you need to do if you want to watch Birmingham commonwealth games. Simply follow the following step by step procedure.

  • Just try for VPN providers HideMyAss Pro and Unlocator VPN site for comm games 2018.
  • click on the sign-up service
  • Visit VPN apps and start downloading the right one.
  • Connect with the app and then run it on your device.
  • Enter all the login requirements.
  • Set the map on the location, for instance, you select the UK and then Birmingham.
  • It will never connect automatically, you should press the button that connects you.
  • When the connection is done then visit the (Official) of BBC iPlayer.
  • After that, you can access all the common games, events, ceremonies etc.
  • After watching the comm games 2018 you just need to disconnect HideMyAss pro app.
  • Do not worry you can re-join but whenever you re-join you will get the subscription for the service.
  • you can happily watch all the commonwealth games


Well, there are certain issues while connecting commonwealth games on a mobile device or a tablet. you just to connect the app to your device. If you have already installed then there is no reason to install again.

But if you are not from the UK or not in the country, you can also able to get access on BBC iPlayer.

Moreover, if you wish to watch commonwealth games on BBC iPlayer then use VPN as describes earlier HideMyAss Pro is the priority. But what if you are still receiving an inappropriate notification? Then you should modify your browser in a private mode. This is called InPrivate mode on Internet Explorer and Incognito mode on chrome.

Yes, you will find out the guidance by visiting BBC iPlayer (Official).


This is very easy to access the reviews of commonwealth games not only reviews but full coverage.

  • you can access comm games 2018 coverage from anywhere.
  • Follow the same process get a HideMyAss Pro VPN app.
  • Install it on your device after that you will go through the registration process.
  • When you are done with the above steps then connect it with your country i.e., UK.
  • After that, you need to visit the website so that you can easily watch and enjoy full time without any sort of interferences.

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