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In today’s world, internet users around the globe are increasingly concerned about privacy, outside surveillance and cybercrimes. Remarkable amounts of commerce, shopping and web surfing are conducted daily by millions of users who are looking for a solution to keep their online activities unmonitored. The best way to ensure your privacy and anonymity is to use a top VPN providers.

What is VPN?

VPN literally means Virtual Private Network. When a user is logged in the IP address to your device is visible to anyone wishing to track your location and activity. By employing one of the top VPN providers you can disguise your location and all your activity from prying eyes. The best VPN providers can be downloaded on any device and will allow you to maintain your privacy, unblock websites with geographical restrictions and protect you from scammers and fraud.

What to Look for in a VPN?

You should consider whether the VPN provider offers no logging of information, 3rd party disclosures, location of their main servers and their accountability to Data Retention laws. Depending on your location, also investigate which providers support an OpenVPN system that allows you to bypass and DPI (Deep Packet Inspections) that are common in China and Iran.

We have put together a list of the best VPN providers in the current marketplace to assist you in choosing the most reliable and safe service. Each of these top VPN services has easy to use installment guides, accept various forms of payment including Bitcoin and can be purchased for under $10 a month.

HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss VPN Official Site
This well-known VPN provider with a cheeky name is the top-rated service by customers. Based out of the UK, HMA is not subject to the American Patriot Act investigations or any Data Retention laws. With over 800 servers in nearly every country worldwide there are limitless options for disguising your local IP address. HideMyAss offers no activity monitoring or logging, rotating IP’s, unlimited devices per membership, split tunneling and prescribe to an OpenVPN platform and have a 30-day money back guarantee so there is no risk to get started.


Express VPN Official Site
Originating out of the British Virgin Islands with a home base in Switzerland, Express VPN is available in 94 countries with over 1700 global servers. They offer unlimited bandwidth, a Kill Switch option as well as split tunneling. ExpressVPN assures that no customer records or activity logs are kept and are not subject to any Data Retention laws. Each membership allows service on up to three devices and offers a money back guarantee after 30 days.

Unlocator VPN

Unlocator VPN Official Site
With the Unlocator focus on providing redirect for your geographical location first and foremost. You can appear in several regions at the same time to assure that your action will remain anonymous. Unlocator offers a 14-day free trial with no activity logs kept, no limit on the number of devices per membership and is available worldwide with over 800 servers around the globe.

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN Official Site
This is a top tier VPN provider with over 750 servers in 60 countries worldwide and is 100% privately owned. Based out of the US, IPVanish provides a Kill Switch option as well as a SOCKS5 proxy server. They support an OpenVPN platform, however, being an American VPN provider, they are subject to any investigations performed by the Patriot Act.  IPVanish can be downloaded on any Apple or Android system quickly and easily with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Pure VPN Official Site
Rated to have an exceptional 24/7 customer service department, this user-friendly VPN provider has over 750 servers on all six continents. The head offices are out of Switzerland where any Data Retention laws can be avoided. They pledge to keep no user information or activity logs to maximize your level of confidentiality and protection.Each membership is good for up to 5 devices and the Virtual Router option to your membership package will allow you to convert your device to its own homepage enabling support for up to 10 additional devices if required.


VyprVPN VPN Official Site
Originating out of the Bahamas and headquartered in Switzerland, VyprVPN is supported by 700 servers across six continents. They do not keep any activity logs or user information and are not currently subject to Data Retention laws. OpenVPN platforms are supported allowing you to unblock websites that are generally forbidden in certain areas. VyprVPN uses their own patented Chameleon technology that allows users to bypass DPI restrictions in countries like China.


Nord VPN Official Site
This VPN provider boasts the fastest and easiest set up with 24/7 customer service. With hundreds of servers spread throughout each continent, NordVPN provides the maximum amount of location choices. Compatible with nearly all devices including most gaming systems, this is one of your cheaper options to gain internet privacy and security.


Stron VPN Official Site
Providing internet security options since 1994, StrongVPN has a user package for everyone from the online newbie to the pro’s. They offer unlimited bandwidth on over 400 servers across the world. With their vast experience they offer updates and packages for any range of customer needs.


TorGuard VPN Official Site
This U.S. based VPN provider offers 100% up-time to all customers. They offer numerous packages designed for personal and business needs and use military grade encryption on all their 500+ servers worldwide. They assure that they conduct no logging of any activity. Ever. But, are also subject to any Patriot Act related investigations involving their servers.


OverPlay VPN Official Site
With over 400 servers around the globe from Africa to Oceania, OverPlay is a great VPN provider for those who travel frequently and want to ensure they can hook up privately from anywhere. They offer unlimited bandwidth and server switches. Payment options are limited to only PayPal or credit card unlike other service providers that offer at least one anonymous option for payment.


HideMyAss VPN providers continue to come out on top as the best VPN provider. While offering safe, dependable service with easy to use applications, they can guarantee your security and confidentiality in the online world. Live 24/7 support, unlimited devices and over 800 servers globally make this the most attractive and secure option out there for today’s users.

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