How to Watch FXNow Outside the US


With popular on demand streaming services like FXNow also known as FXNetwork, subscribers are able to have all of their entertainment needs met in one place. With hundreds of television series, movies and live events available at a glance, what more do you need.

Life Hack: How to Watch FXNow Outside the US

People are so busy today that the convenience of being able to watch your favorite programs on your own schedule has been a revelation. With FXNow you can have a huge library of shows at your fingertips whenever you want.

FXNow is available on any of your devices including tablets, smart TV’s, iPhone, Android and most gaming systems. But, you have to be inside the US to be able to have access to have the FXNetworks activate without problems. The FX streaming service is a

If you are working or living abroad and you don’t want to go without your FX Guru, there is an easy solution. Geo blocking is common in on demand streaming services but there is a way to get around these restrictions with a few easy steps.

VPN or Virtual Private Network services can help you to gain access to any restricted content on the FX Networks. A VPN is a secure digital information tunnel that can take your online data and activity and mask it from prying eyes, hackers and government observation.

HideMyAss Pro is a popular and reliable VPN service that can allow you to bypass restrictions for streaming by “relocating” your IP address. Every device that is connected online contains a personal signature or IP address that contains your devices location and information.

By using a VPN, your information can appear to be originating from any server that you choose through your provider. It links you to a server location of your choice while hiding your activity and encrypting your data. This will make it appear that you are physically located wherever you have chosen to connect to a server.

There are many VPN providers out there but be wary of free services. They are known to be slow connections as well as openings for malware to get into your device. Most paid services are a secure and affordable option at less than $10/month.

Setting up a VPN with a provider such as HideMyAss is quick and easy if you follow these next steps:

  1. Go to and register for a VPN account
  • Follow the easy to use instructions for your registration
  1. Choose a server inside the US
  • There are hundreds of secure servers to choose from
  1. Connect to your chosen server
  • This will now allow your device to appear to be connected wherever your server is located and not where you are geographically
  1. Connect to your digital cable providers account
  • You must have an active cable subscription account
  1. Open or add on the option for FXNow and enjoy.

There are many streaming networks that are currently being restricted by geo-blocking either by the companies or the government. With a VPN like HideMyAss Pro securing your connection and data you can now easily bypass all restrictions with ease.

It just takes a few minutes to get you set up to watch FX Online. No longer worry about missing your favorite content and events. Enjoy FXNow from wherever you may be.

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