InvizBox 2 Introduces Its Portable VPN Router Online Privacy & Security


Online privacy is crucial in today’s world considering the security challenges that surface in online browsing, there is a new VPN router release expected to be launched soon it’s viewed as one that is going to be a hit for securing internet users, the InvizBox 2 and ‘Pro’ version.

InvizBox 2 Introduces Its Portable VPN Router Online Privacy & Security

It’s expected to be a game changer; it’s a portable router that will increase the level of security obtainable online.

One of the strong points of this router is its size, as it’s quite small in size making it easy to be carried around, but also capable of ensuring that all internet connections and online browsing are secured. It does this by availing a secure VPN connection.

InvizBox 2 VPN router creates a secure connection for all devices including those that do not use VPN connection by default. It works with other devices either household or that which is used for office use.

InvizBox 2 can work anywhere be it in the home or office. It just requires a connection to the router and it then it’s operational and ready to function, then you make a direct connection to the available VPN using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

InvizBox 2 is Exceptional Router

InvizBox 2 is exceptional, though many companies have developed routers that are VPN enabled. The same company that released the InvizBox 2 also released the InvizBox Go among the several VPN routers available today.

The major challenge VPN routers have had as been in regards to speed. Other VPN routers allow only one connection and the speed is quite low. It’s estimated to be around 10 – 15Mbs.

That may be okay in regards to simple online task like viewing mails, checking up a website or Google searching, but it’s not good enough for online video streaming or permitting multiple users to connect at the same time. It’s quite a challenge.

InvizBox 2 Pro boast of a speed that’s up to 400mps, the other edition the InvizBox 2 has a speed of 100Mbps. It’s a major improvement to the challenge that has plagued many users.

Expectations are high and if the VPN router lives up to the stated operational speed it would be huge for the Industry.

What to Expect in InvizBox 2

As earlier mentioned the speed of the InvizBox 2 is quite a huge advantage, there are other technicalities that ensure it has such operational effectiveness. It has a quad core processor which is the reason it has such high speed. If the buyer opts for InvizBox Pro it has a better quad core processor.

The InvizBox 2 is built with 512MB RAM , the Pro version comes with a 1024MB of RAM which is quite exceptional considering other available options.

InvizBox 2 is built with a 1× WAN port; the router will be connected to it. It is also built with a 1× LAN port which is designed to give such a speed.

Other devices such as phones or tablets can also connect to the VPN router. In addition, the Pro version has 4 × LAN ports + 1 × WAN ensuring that it’s able to handle multiple users.

Other interesting area of the InvizBox VPN router is that it’s able to give room for the configuration of Wi-Fi hotspot for an increased number of VPN connections.

It makes it possible to have a single Wi-Fi that can function with more than one available server such as Austria based VPN server and a France based VPN server.

This is great because it means that it’s possible to link your TV to any server of your choice and two programs can function at once from two different servers, it works side by side so there would be no need to disconnect from one server to connect to another.

Maximum Security

There is a public opinion that most of the products available today are developed and packaged from china, considering the fact that there are controversies concerning the quality and effectiveness of products from that region, it’s needfull to know that the InvizBox 2 VPN router is developed and produced in Ireland and then packaged and distributed to the buyers.

In addition, the operational software built into the device is open source and it updates through TOR and also uses 256 – bit AES encryption.

If you still need more assurance about the product it’s good you know that the development team that put it all together have an experience that’s over 50 years in data security, a lot of work has been put into this product to ensure its state of the art quality.

The makers of Invizbox 2 are a vastly experienced company that has released previous InvizBox products in 2015 and 2017 respectively, knowing fully well that the InvizBox 2 and the Pro version are just part of the large numbers of available VPN routers on today’s market; they have built a solid reputation for developing and providing high quality products.

Considering what we have seen from both the pictures and the specialization, the InvizBox 2 and the Pro version are expected to bring real time solution to security issues that arise when surfing the internet.

There would be no need to get VPN soft wares into multiple devices or be linked to one location per time. Other devices that are not VPN enabled can now also be incorporated into this new development.

The new InvizBox is built to take care of previous challenges in internet security. It’s possible to pre order yours. There is an expectation of the demand being very high; if you want to have yours on the day of release you can pre order.

The InvizBox 2 and the Pro version will be released twice, in early and late July. It definitely would not take time before it’s everywhere and you will easily be able to get your hands on one.

InvizBox 2 Pro is going to cost $199 which is equivalent to £147 it comes with a 12 month VPN subscription. It’s a worthy investment.

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