How To Watch Wilmaa Anywhere In The World


Wilma is an online service its programs are not accessible in Europe but if you need to watch Wilma anywhere in the world then you need to use a VPN service provider.

How To Watch Wilmaa Anywhere In The World

The VPN service provider allows you to watch Wilma and Wilma TV anywhere in the world.

Turn your Location to watch Wilma

If you want to access Wilma for free then you just need to follow the following sincere procedure.

You need to take a look at your computer IP address so that your location can be determined by Wilma. In this case, you can avoid login with your existing account. If you settle outside the main destination then what you need to do?

You just need to fake your account so that Wilma free TV is accessible for overseas users.


If you want to access Wilma from other country then you will get the following message “Wilmaa ist Zur Zeit nur in der Schweiz verfugbar”

It means that WILMA only works in Switzerland, not outside the country. But you can get rid of this annoying message simply by using a VPN service provider.

What exactly is a VPN?

A VPN is a software that permits you to choose a server in a hosted country only when you are allowed to access IP address. Once you get the IP address of the host country then you will be able to access all the contents which are based on your country.

But the most important thing is how you can get Wilma anywhere to unblock with a VPN:

  • Simply, go to the VPN provider.
  • Transfer and install the VPN application on your system.
  • Promote the VPN app and log in by using the VPN account.
  • After that connect with the Switzerland server
  • After that, you will get a Swiss IP address.
  • Then, enjoy watching Wilma.


Yes, you need a VPN service provider for Wilma. It helps you to get needs to help you to get bandwidth obligatory for stocking up the videos.

The very best one which I recommend most of the time is HideMyAss Pro VPN.

  • HMA works very fast in Europe.
  • HMA is available in both MAC and PC that will permit you to shift state by selecting an authentic place from the main menu.
  • It also allows, do not simply watch TV online in Switzerland while outside Europe but also allow other countries as well.
  • For HMA you can download the app and sign for the registration process.

What makes HMA the best?

Workable without border restrictions. Access all your favorite contents, TV shows anywhere, or modify your position to release content controlled in your own destination.

  1. Protect public Wi-Fi.
  2. Use VPN to stay harmless from public Wi-Fi
  3. Works in a complete privacy.
  4. Very easy to use.
  5. Very fast and unlimited.
  6. Fast and secure for Wilma TV download

Alternative VPN (Unlocator)

By linking to a Unlocator VPN with a server in Switzerland you can change your actual location and can use Wilma if you are residing in Switzerland.

For this, you need to access VPN service provider which we have described you need that with a server in Switzerland and at the same time it requires you to know that with bandwidth for streaming video.

The alternative VPN after HMA is Unlocator. They have a fast server in Switzerland, and also available for both Mac and PC that will allow you to transform the country by choosing a new location. That is very convenient indeed and will permit you to not only access Wilmaa while outside Switzerland but also unblock in other countries as well.

Wilma (A Quick Review)

Wilmaa Ltd. (hereafter ‘Wilmaa’) works as a collaborative Web-TV on the and websites (hereinafter ‘websites’) and via mobile apps (hereinafter ‘mobile apps’), and in this web-TV proposes web services’.

The web services are not available in other countries due to geographical restrictions. They are not even accessible on different devices like TV sets, PCs, tablet devices and cell phones.

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