How to Watch Rai TV Online Outside of Italy (Step By Step Guide)

Well, Rai TVs are made for entertainment and widely recognized in Italy. But what happens if someone wants to watch live TV and Rai TV online outside of Italy?

How to Watch Rai TV Online Outside of Italy (Step By Step-Guide)

As there is geo-blocking on the contents of Rai TV that prevent TV online streaming. Indeed, it broadcasts in neighboring countries of Italy that is the reason its viewers are in large number.

Because it has a huge collection of contents. If you are living in Italy then you can easily access these contents but outsiders face complications.

Rai TV shows football, matches, TV shows (foreign), entertainment, movies also Rai News but the main obstacle is its geo-restriction. So how to make it possible to watch Rai TV outside of Italy?


Simply follow VPN software to watch Rai TV channels-install it onto your device whatever you have either it is a laptop, mobile or tablet.

But, keep this thing in mind that with VPN you must set up your account that is completely free.

And watch Rai stations through Raiplay website

Well, there is an alternative solution to get rid of region limits of Rai TV live streaming free then the first recommendation is HideMyAss Pro VPN. With HideMyAss Pro you can spoof the settings as this is very safe and has no limitations.

The second recommendation is Unlocator VPN that also serve the best for Italian TV streaming – the aim is to retrieve limited content.


Rai Tv show vast sort of programs TV and entertainment. This is very easy to watch them online.

  1. You can watch through the website of RaiTV
  2. You can enjoy all the TV channels here.
  3. The site has different sections like drama, movie, music, biographies, fiction, realistic content and many more.
  4. This is completely free and very easy to access all online content.
  5. If you are not living in Italy then you can rely on RaiPlay website.
  6. But you need to use VPN to access website work


  1. First, you need to install VPN software on your device.
  2. Devices like (desktop, laptop, tablet are user friendly) so install on any.
  3. Then you will see the list for VPN provider.
  4. The main purpose is to keep your Browser save and keep your data private by converting.
  5. When the data authorize the server in Italy then it will appear automatically on server and then it will show that you are residing in Italy.
  6. You can try this same method for other contents to watch your favorite channels.
  7. But it requires account to watch RaiPlay.
  8. Interesting thing is that registration is always free so this shouldn’t be a big issue.
  9. Just record it with your name, email, twitter, or even Facebook account and then process further.


HideMyAss Pro is a prodigious VPN that permits you completely in an unidentified way.

You can connect it to a computer with all operating system (PC, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad).

Yes, you can also connect it to all devices that use Android system such as Smartphone, tablet and so on.

First, you need to check your IP address.

Obviously, create VPN connection.

Then select add VPN.

Login into your control panel HideMyAss Pro VPN and go to PPTP servers.

Then enter your data into the device your username etc. so that you can access your account

The window will appear to check it if it works and connect it with website IP-address. Com.

Remember if it has changed then it means your VPN connection though HideMyAss Pro is enabling and if IP address is same then try to restart your system.


There are two options to watch Italian TV app for Android the first is

  1. Through website by using VPN
  2. Through downloading the Rai Play App Store and Google Play
  3. It is affordable and the best for Italian entertainment. The method for Italian TV streaming is simple just follow the below instructions
  4. Go to the app store
  5. Type Rai Play and then press enter
  6. Then press download after figuring out the Rai play
  7. Then accept the terms and conditions
  8. After installation, you can open it


Rai is an extensive range and has three channels (Rai1, Rai2, Rai3) and culture, kids, entertainment, sports, news channels.

To watch Rai Streaming just link with Rai Italia and fixed with your device like Tablet, smartphone, and Pc.

You should know how to use VPN to watch Rai TV channels preferably HideMyAss Pro VPN and Unlocator VPN.

Living in Italy will benefit you but if you are living outside then RaiPlay website is the best option.

Yes, you can access Raiplay website if you are living outside. But, when you try for videos then it can have stuck and then error messages pop up with the streaming content.

You can make it possible by using VPN. it will facilitate you even you are not residing in Italy.


Whereas, Rai international is secondary other than Rai itself.

  1. It is available in North America, South America, and Asia.
  2. But Rai international streaming is only transmitted with the help of Tv providers like dish network, optimum channels, shaw cable etc.
  3. It is worth mentioning here that Rai international is working under a contract with the government of Italy that is to meet the demands of services and make it available for Italian communities living out of the country.
  4. Under this contract Rai international broadcast three TVs that have different restrictions. But there is no facility for Europe.
  5. Further Rai Italia systematized its service area into four groups they are: –
  • Rai Italia America – for Americas
  • Rai Italia Asia – for Asia
  • Rai Italia Australia – for Australia
  • Rai Italia Africa – for Africa
  • But for Europe, it is limited or available for a short period.


Different methods have been discussed to watch Rai TV outside of Italy. the overall gist is

To make you Raiplay account

To Use VPN (preference should be HideMyAss Pro VPN)

You will get high quality of contents if you are using RaiPlay website

But there is a huge quantity of content accessible to watch international channels. If you follow our instruction, you’ll be able to access all.

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