How To Watch Eurovision 2018 From Any Country


The Eurovision 2018 is the longest song competition. It is held between all the associated countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

How To Watch Eurovision 2018 From Any Country

Eurovision 2018 is the most appealing show many people who are living outside Europe are also interested to watch Eurovision songs contest.

But there is an issue while watching Eurovision outside Europe. Since you cannot access the Eurovision TV because of restrictions. But, in this article, we shall elucidate you that how you can watch the entire occasion with the support of VPN.

How to access Eurovision 2018 out of the country?

Eurovision is the phenomenal event we see Australia is also taking part in it as the guest nation. Similar is the case with Canada and USA.

Canada and USA also trying to access Eurovision forum but you know things aren’t easy as they seem to be. In this year European music competition shall be broadcasted on logoTV but of course, you need subscription cable and everyone cannot access it.

The case of Canada is different as, various types of European singing competition, will not be shown. On the other side, we see there is not any scarcity of channels which shows Eurovision news and live streaming.

We see BBC shall broadcast some semi-finals on the other hand final one will be shown on BBC 1 (Official).

Good news is that BBC will also stream the live moments on iplayer but again there is an issue that is its limitations to the specific area.

But do not worry, we shall provide you the information that will tell you how you can unblock Eurovision TV. For the BBC 1, HideMyAss Pro is the first recommendation rest follow the following steps.

Four simple steps to access Eurovision 2018

Step 1    Visit HideMyAss Pro site and click on the subscription option, further information will appear just follow them carefully.

Step 2     Now, connect with the VPN apps option and HideMyAss Pro site to download. Then enter all account details after downloading the app.

Step 3    Next step which you need to do is to select HideMyAss Pro UK based server and then click enter that mean you are connecting it

Step 4     when you are done with the connection then move towards to the BBC iplayer (Official) for live streaming of Eurovision 2018

Recommended Alternative VPNs

We recommended the alternative VPNs to you that is Unlocator VPN and IPVanish VPN. Now let’s see why we have recommended these two.

  • These two VPNs enhance security and are feasible in different devices. They work anonymously and give access to all your favorite channels.
  • They have an excellent collection of features and Unlocator VPN and IPVanish really perform very well.
  • Unlocator VPN and IPVanish deliver 24/7 service and shelter your privacy. Moreover, these VPNs will make you flabbergasted by their innumerable positive reviews and speed statuses.
  • The phenomenal aspect of these two VPNs is that Unlocator VPN and IPVanish permits you to contact more content than your geographical limitations.

When will Eurovision 2018 event happen?

If you are familiar with the background of Eurovision then you will know that it is going to be held in Lisbon (city of Portugal). Previously a Portuguese contestant Salvador Sobral, has won the contest with his famous track, “Amar Pelos Dios”.

Whereas the semifinals are going to be held on 8th-10th may and grand final will be shown on 12th may. So, get ready for the BIG show.

It has also shared in the news that British part in the event is an astonishing one. Singer SuRie – actual name is Susanna Clark – is an ex-student of the Royal Academy of Music and has formerly well did as a music artist at the Royal Albert Hall.

Her profile is astounding. She did a fabulous dance in 2015 Eurovision. There is so much in this year event. Do not miss it. !!

A quick overview of EUROVISION 2018

There is no doubt that Eurovision 2018 is not easy to access if you are not residing in Europe but with the help of VPN things are easier than before. With the help of VPN, you can access all the event actions, Eurovision bets from BBC. Access all the events from anywhere in the world it really doesn’t matter wherever you are residing.

We suggested HideMyAss Pro as the greatest VPN along with alternatives VPN. Also explained that how you can access HideMyAss Pro. We have also explained alternative VPNs that are Unlocator VPN and IPVanish VPN. so, there are no excuses, no matter wherever you live. Do not miss the classy moments of Eurovision contest.

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