How To Watch CTV Abroad (Outside The Canada)


CTV is the best Canadian show it is ranked among the best TV channels. People love to watch CTV all over the world but due to its limited access, they can’t watch CTV in their own countries. In this guide, we shall elaborate the easy ways which are helpful.

How To Watch CTV Abroad (Outside The Canada)

What is CTV?

CTV is the most popular Canadian TV show that keeps its viewers to engage in different programs. People get entertain from the shows in homes, or while traveling.

But the sad part is many people cannot access CTV or CTV news. The reason is its unavailability.

Why is CTV not accessible?

The CTV shows are not accessible outside Canada. CTV is only available in Canada. If you are interested to approach CTV contents then you must access to Canadian TV.

Devices that Support CTV

We proclaimed, CTV is the famous platform and is accessible in different devices like

  • Android,
  • iOs
  • works on smartphones
  • tablets

What CTV actually offers?

CTV is full of surprises and is most liked by all.  It produces great programs such as

  • Criminal Minds,
  • Big Band Theory
  • Code Black
  • The Flash
  • Anger Management
  • Arrow
  • Late night talk shows
  • Daytime talk shows
  • And many other

Access CTV outside Canada

CTV is only available in Canada. Yes! This is sad, do not worry- in this guide, we will describe, how you can access CTV online outside Canada.

The most feasible feature is the VPN service provider. We have described that many times.

VPN- A great service provider

A VPN service is a subscription-based service deliberated to guard your online distinctiveness and allow you to access your favorite contents. VPNs achieve the earlier by channeling all of your internet related tasks and defend your identity.

Hidemyass Pro (VPN Service Provider)

As for the internet sovereignty part – HideMyAss Pro (VPN) is the astonishing part that really comes to provide geographically freedom.

Hidemyass allows you to hoax your computer into thinking that you’re somewhere but in reality, you are not. When you log in to your device through HMA, you’ve specified the route of selecting your scrambled server. Once you select the server, you’re allocated a new IP address that derives from the server’s location.

So if you’re in the United States, and you want to access CTV, all you have to do is log in to your VPN, choose a Canadian server. Your device will have to get the access. Very simple.

Unlocator VPN

Our second recommendation is Unlocator VPN service provider that offers tremendous services to access CTV.

  • Unlocators works on multiple platforms.
  • It secures your online data and helps you to access geographical restrictions.
  • As well as, It works on Windows, MAC, iOs, Android and many more
  • It hides your location in different ways.
  • It allows you to save your data hence it has many pros.

How exactly can you access CTV with VPN?

We said, VPNs are multifaceted tools, and they provide a platform that completely serves your interests. We described this many times about VPN. As they instantly blockade and create a secure connection.

We’re going to give you more details in this step by step procedure.

  • The first thing you want to do is unveil your favorite VPN we prefer HMA.
  • Select a server positioned in Canada, and tap “join” or through the button is there in your VPN.
  • After some time, it proceeds to attach to the VPN, you can connect to the CTV app or load the website on your device.
  • Signing and enjoy watching the content!

Final words on CTV

CTV Canada is really a unique show and broadcasts entertainment to its viewers.  The fact is that most are not Canadian but with help of VPN service provider viewers from all over the world can access CTV.

In addition, CTV Canada doesn’t mean that it only propose only for Canadian or for those who are residing in Canada.

There are also very popular American TV programs that transmit on CTV, which gives Americans a more persuasive motive to make the use of VPN and access it from anywhere.

Yes, everyone can access anything from anyplace if they have a VPN service provider.

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