How to Unblock YOUKU Outside China Workaround


They call it the Great Wall of China but not necessarily the one famous for it’s masonry craftsmanship but the geo-fence of digital security that surrounds mainland China. The Great Firewall as it is commonly known, controls access to western social media, news outlets, and streaming video sites, among other content. It also does not allow any foreigners to have access to Chinese programming including the largest streaming site worldwide known as Youku.

How to Unblock YOUKU Outside China Workaround

Many online users wish to be able to watch videos unblocked, watch movies unblocked as well as unblocking Youku and sites like it that originate in mainland China. To unblock Youku in any country you need a Youku VPN that has servers in China such as HideMyAss VPN. To access Youku in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany or France, VPN apps can be installed on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or iPad and will enable you to download Youku videos free, Youku movies online and Youku live streaming.

When you connect to a server located in China, your chosen VPN provider hides your original IP address, changes your virtual location, and tells the service that you are accessing the website from China. This is how VPN enables you to watch Youku as well as other geo-blocked content regardless of what your IP address claims to be your geographic location. The VPN that you choose will also allow you to surf online privately and with no monitoring. Once connected to a Chinese VPN server, all your traffic will appear to be coming from China which will allow you access to their channels.

How to Watch Youku Outside China on iPad/iOS/Mac?

To avoid the Youku block in countries outside of China on iPad or iOS powered devices as well as being able to unlock Youku Mac and unblock Youku iPhone services, it is important to select VPN back to China that is compatible with all your devices. The process is similar to the one used with Android devices and is quite simple. All you need to do is to download the application from the Apple’s App Store (iTunes), install it on your device, launch it, enter your username and password, select server located in China, connect and enjoy!

How to Unblock China TV and Movies

Unblocking Youku outside China is simple and only requires you to have a VPN service with a server in China. There are many reliable and easy to use VPN providers out there with an easy step by step set up. Here is a generalized tutorial how to access China Website for Youku:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN with China server
  2. Download the relevant desktop or mobile app, and sign in
  3. Connect to a China VPN server
  4. Go to, check for DNS leaks (if IP address is not China disconnect & try again)
  5. Once confirmed logon to

Once you have chosen a reliable VPN to mask your location that has you appear to be connected to a server in mainland China, you should be ready to stream movies, videos, music as well as download Youku videos free. There are hundreds of Chinese channels to explore that you may otherwise not have access to. Youku has something for everyone including music, videos, movies, television shows, video games and game shows. Enjoy!

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