How To Unblock Whatsapp Calling In UAE


With technology connecting people from around the globe in todays world, it can be frustrating that some countries still do not allow all services to be used in their areas. Free video calling, conferencing and texting using the WhatsApp system can be vital personal and business tools that some in the UAE are missing out on because of national restrictions and censorship.

How To Unblock Whatsapp Calling In UAE

No fear. There are ways to surf the web safely and stay anonymous online using a VPN or “virtual private Networks” anywhere on the globe. If your chosen VOIP services are banned in your area blocking you from these services, then investing in a reliable and safe VPN system is the way to go. There are many services to choose from that all offer the same basic tools to hide your location and activity, so we have listed the best products out there to get you online quickly.

Why Use a VPN?

Privacy while surfing, streaming and downloading online has become an issue in the world of the Web. There are many services that are blocked depending on the location of your IP address. Using a VPN can eliminate these issues for you permanently.

In typical use, a VPN will hide your true location therefore allowing you to roam freely and gain access to sites that may be normally blocked by your regions regulations. VPN’s guarantee the privacy and risk-free access to sites like WhatsApp. There are many VPN sites that are available for downloads and we have listed the two most reliable and safe services here.

HideMyAss Pro

HideMyAss supports all types of devices and provides unlimited bandwidth with over 50 servers in North America. An affordable option starting at under $5.00 per month accompanied with a 30-day money back guarantee. This is one of the best VPN services available for your needs on the market today. With an quick and easy installation and set up, you can be ready to call or text anywhere you desire in just minutes.


With the Unlocator VPN you can start out with a 7-day Free Trial to see if it is right for you. This service is easy to use for either Apple or Android products and provides a quick set up guide for installation. Affordable and secure service can be yours for under $5.00 per month. As with most of the high-quality VPN providers, Unlocator allows you to choose your own server location and has excellent customer service on every level.


If you are looking for safe unblocked access while using all the perks of the WhatsApp platform then the HideMyAss Pro VPN is the one to go with. It is the most used and highly reliable service on the market that allows you open and unrestricted access to the services that you need. You can download it in just minutes from their website and make payments using PayPal, credit cards or Bitcoin.

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