How To Unblock Websites in Saudi Arabia (Middle East & Gulf)


Many people are concerned about how can they unblock websites in Saudi Arabia because it has put some restrictions and has very stringent rules. The people who are living in Saudi Arabia has faced some sort of challenges. Despite the internet restrictions the people in living in KSA, Middle East & Gulf still break the rules and regulations.

How To Unblock Websites in Saudi Arabia (Middle East & Gulf)

They unblock websites in Saudi Arabia by using a VPN service provider. Through VPN service provider they can open blocked sites.

Previous researches show that internet usage is Saudi Arabia was restricted but nowadays it has increased a lot. KSA, Middle East & Gulf still banned some websites which have harmful content that hurts the sentiments of people.

Many social networking sites generate such type of content that is harmful and challenge the teachings of Islam.

In addition, the social platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber are also banned in KSA, Middle East & Gulf. They bypass proxy for blocked sites that entails the messages of how to open blocked websites.

Many other types of research show that they banned the access of Wikipedia even but people somehow managed and bypass proxy to open the restricted websites.

UNBLOCK websites by using VPN

As describes earlier, internet freedom is the cup of tea for the people living in KSA, Middle East & Gulf. They faced many problems while accessing and unblocking sites online. Whenever they try to open the restricted sites then the following message appeared.

“The page you requested is currently unavailable, it violated the rules, sorry for the inconvenience”.

But what to do then.

The solution to this problem is only a VPN service provider. It works in an amazing manner and completely in an anonymous way. It builds a bridge between and guides you on how to open blocked sites in KSA, Middle East & Gulf.

VPN Service Provider in Depth Analysis

Many time we have discussed VPNs that acts as the bridge it is a digital tunnel. It helps your data to get rerouted then it grants an IP address through which you can access the restricted content.

You just need to follow the below steps.

  1. Signup for the reputable service
  2. Install HideMyAss Pro VPN on your system
  3. Join HidemyassPro to the server location
  4. After that, you can search web contents without any limitations.
  5. In addition, by installing its software on desktop computers and laptop so that it can cooperate.
  6. Soon after installation, you will get VPN providers list.
  7. VPN works by readdressing your information.
  8. When it readdresses the information, then it recognizes with the IP address of that hidden connection rather than yours.
  9. This is how it works. Hence, most of the apps will not permit but you need to connect it with the server.
  10. This is how it works and you can easily access them.

HideMyAss Pro characteristics

  1. They work in an awesome way
  2. Also, they deliver ultra-security
  3. As well as, they propose 24/7 services
  4. HideMyAss Pro is a phenomenal VPN that authorizes you entirely in an anonymous way.
  5. It offers reliable speed, durable connection and a wider range of servers.
  6. It means wherever you are in the world, Hidemyass allows you to access the data just as you are accessing from your own country

Alternative VPN Service Provider

The best VPN service providers are HideMyAss Pro but you have other choices that are Unlocator VPN.

Unlocator VPN has the following features

  1. Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  2. 24/7 available
  3. Reliable
  4. Bypass censorship
  5. Avert your activities

Unblock restricted sites in KSA, Middle East & Gulf

Despite the complex situation in KSA and emerging challenges to access your favorite content when opting for VPN service providers and visit the website which allows the access of blocked sites region.

With the help of VPN service provider, you can access Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and many other online forums with no worry.

Saudi Arabia and its Banned Policy

Saudi Arabia – is not the country that doesn’t allow to access restricted content even this trend is so common Middle East & Gulf. Even in Pakistan, it banned YouTube site for the limited time period. Later this year the government of Morocco also executed a ban on VoIP-services to mobile and Wi-Fi systems. People then opted for VPN service providers. We see the concerned authorities have the right to unlimited the detrimental content that causes controversial debate.

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