How To Keep Secure Your Mobile Device From Hackers


Let’s think for a moment about smartphone how much you are relying on it. It has emails, texts, finance, apps, saved passwords, credit card records and foremost personal photos.  Then on the other side, you think about safety issues that how you can easily secure your mobile device from malicious app also from computerized threats.

How To Keep Secure Your Mobile Device From Hackers

Hence there are many dangers you are facing and simultaneously you look for best ways to secure android OS as it is in the persistent attack.


The best ways to avoid these attacks are describing below.

  1. Just buy only smartphones from vendors since it has been found that the great vendors for phones are: LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Samsung.
  1. Lock your phone, fingerprints, patterns, voice, iris scanning etc. all are breakable just use 1-2-3-4 as your pin.
  1. Use two-factor verifications just by login to google account and follow the instructions that will ask for numbers/digits for verification purpose by simply clicking yes.
  1. Try to use an app from google store so that you can avoid malware. As Bogus app ruin your system so the best way is to scan devise from security threats.
  1. Use VPN and HideMyAss Pro VPN no doubt is the greatest Android app that protects your secrets from hackers. it is very useful and recommended app because it serves the best.
  1. These methods describe the best about cell phone privacy, that has been desecrated many times, it also includes the private and personal information which are traced from cell phones.

The fortification of your phone has a great importance, so the best free security for Android that protects the android system at its level best is (Antivirus Apps), (Apps locker) etc.

The Antivirus/Security apps are the best free mobile security that plays an important role and allows to keep a blacklist of annoyed callers/ texters.

Similar is the way to secure iPhone. There are crucial tips that will tell how to secure iPhone and cell phone security tips are: –


  1. The first and foremost thing is to keep your ios up to date as new IOS updates can fight against the potential threats.
  1. The second tip is to apply “Find my iPhone” it will protect your iPhone by login onto finding my iPhone and you can remotely deal with your device.
  1. Another exciting tip is to create a longer password that includes both numbers and alphabets.
  1. To secure iPhone you also need to avoid unidentified links. If you receive them randomly then do not get connected.
  1. Another tip that serves the best is called the “Personal Assistant” to iPhone, that is SIRI, it inquires for some sort of authentication before agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  1. For cell phone security tips this is essential to appraise your software whether you are using android, or windows.
  1. Use secure lock screen
  1. Restrict unprotected sources.
  1. And, format a SIM lock.

You see that both iPhone and Android users face such mishaps and it is very common. Since bad and good things always exist.

The top secure smartphones that can be compared on the basis of mobile security products are

  1. Encryption strength-
  1. Hardware safety
  1. VPN accessibility
  1. Biometrics/Scanners

The immediate question pokes in a mind about Encryption strength that what does encrypting your phone do?

The answer is it allows numeric pins or passcodes and these passwords provide security to your phone.


Let’s see the top secure smartphones.  They are

  1. BlackBerry KEYone- a distinguish smartphone, a very good example of privacy and always check apps, safe through AES-128 encryption.
  1. iPhone X- as a tremendous a characteristic and it has the powerful smartest chip.
  1. Galaxy Note 8 also has some unusual features that offer deep level safety.

Mobile phone security from spyware, malware and many others are considered as online terrorizations.

For this, there has been introduced many mobile security products that protect data and sensitive information’s.

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