How To Hide IP Online On Your Android Devices (2018)


Hide IP online is the most significant “Internet protocol” that technology allows you to control all the internet related activities. That is why it facilitates different ways to hide your IP address and doesn’t reveal the real location of the users.

How To Hide IP Online On Your Android Devices (2018)

But the question here lies in how to hide IP online? Or how to hide it on Android devices?

Well, IP address is an internet protocol it is connected and then signifies the online structure of communication. But if anonymous IP hider isn’t storing permanently they do hide but for the limited time period. If you want to hide IP online then there are some quickest and easiest ways that completely guide you about hide my IP address and to hide IP address location.

The fastest and simplest way that is most consistent is VPN- Virtual Private Network. A VPNs are the most reliable service provider that best serves you.

But for VPN you need to choose the server that ends up with it and gives you an IP address. Since all your relevant data will start traveling from an encrypted way. But first, you need to know that how you can get VPN.

Follow the below steps that will completely guide you in just 6 simple steps.

  1. Go to VPN service provider and signup for VPN apps.
  2. After signing start downloading and installing the VPN app in your android set.
  3. After that give details and start signing in.
  4. Choose one VPN server
  5. Choose the IP address and check it via a website which is
  6. After that, you will see that you have hidden the IP address and it will prevent you from anonymous IP surfing.

The best Android sets

  • Sony Xperia
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Pixel
  • LG
  • HTC
  • OnePlus
  • Huawei

But how you can hide IP on Android sets?

We have already explained about VPN service provider but what other popular ways are available. Let’s explore them.

In this guide, we will tell you the other two famous ways which are

  1. TOR- for this you just need to copy the browser and then join it with the Tor network. It will work like in a haphazard manner by selecting various hosted devices. It will make difficult for ISB to track the location. But you need to note that it will never offer a same type of reliability as VPN provides.
  2. Proxy-Proxy works amazingly, it masks your actual location. Whatsoever you access it will mask your website, location, or whatever services you are availing.

There are many proxy services are available but seriously it won’t work the best just like VPN. On the other hand, they also lessen the speed of your browser yes this is frustrating. But the question is

Does a proxy hide your IP?

The simple answer is the web proxies which we use to hide our locations or IP address does work anonymously. It not only works anonymously but it also gives access to different websites.

And the last one is VPN which we have already explained lets now explore which are the best VPN service, providers.

The best VPN provider is HideMyAss Pro VPN

HideMyAss Pro is the good VPN as it offers amazing services. It is safe, secure and reliable. It helps in presenting web proxy.

When you launch the one HideMyAss Pro VPN on your device then your location automatically turns into a private manner. It means whatever your activities are on the internet it won’t affect you it will make you hide from all the risks

Now let’s see the few characteristics and reasons to select HideMyAss Pro VPN for your Android device.

  • HideMyAss Pro VPN is safe and trustworthy. It works well on your Android sets.
  • It completely works in an anonymous manner.
  • It workaround and blocks by almost altering location pattern.
  • It would give access to geo-restricted locations.
  • HideMyAss Pro VPN hides your goings-on.
  • Completely allow you a free use of the internet.

Alternative UnlocatorVPN

Unlocator VPN also gives access to your android devices and you can easily watch, access, install, and download contents, apps on your Android sets by using Unlocator VPN. If you are confused about VPN services then you can try and check Unlocator VPN for Android sets. Since VPNs are the necessary need for today’s world.

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  1. As per mobile device VPN is way more comfortable to set up and use. What’s actually good is that Google Play usually offers 5-7 days trials for most of VPNs so you can try whichever you want before you decide. I’m currently trying hide my ass and it seems to be pretty amazing when we are talking about speeds and unlimited devices connection. I wish they would add more countries but they’re pretty new so I can understand why there’re server only in most requested ones. Anyways, as long as I’m able to stream netflix US/UK on my tablet with no issues I’m more than happy.

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