How To Access Websites Blocked In China 2018 (The Complete Guide)

The websites blocked in China have put some sort of restrictions that won’t allow you to access and retrieved data.

How To Access Websites Blocked In China 2018 (The Complete Guide)

Most of the websites are blocked in China and this has been declared in 2017. The government of China even removed most of the websites and they blocked sites in China but some VPN service providers are still working in these hard circumstances.

In our previous guides we have explained you about VPN and how does it work? But now we are going to explain you about the best VPNs.

Unblock Restricted websites in china through VPN service provider

As described earlier, the contents which are blocked in China are easily accessible through the best VPN services. Now we are going to explain you the best VPN service i.e. HideMyAss Pro.

The HideMyAss Pro is an amazing VPN service that completely works in an anonymous way. It is blessed with some of the best special characteristics that won’t allow disclosing the location.

Hidemyass Pro unblock sites and the websites which are banned in China. Hence it completely works amazingly and creates confusion so that government of China cannot detect that you are using VPN.

Since we know that the popular websites are not accessible in China especially Social media content like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter even YouTube.

Indeed, this is annoying situation. So, what you exactly need to do is to connect with a VPN.

VPN services and IP addresses

Some VPN service providers are exclusive and hide your actual location like Hidemyass Pro that unblock the contents. HideMyAss Pro is easy to use and configure but all you need to do is to set up the instructions.

The Colossal companies in China

Some Companies give permission to allow to access the Chinese content. These companies make massive revenues through outsourcing. This is perhaps the main reason for American corporations and they never say NO to Chinese colossal companies.

Since China has a successful argument free vision that allows its users as well as citizens to get profits but in a clean way.

China and the Its Government

American companies are expecting China’s diversity.  They have confidence on the china’s communism approach and its overall dominance.

China’s new leader Xi Jinping has resolute sort of approach for China. He wants to keep his country under his own, unlike the Communist party’s dominance.

The communists wish for power, and their agenda is isolation to get disconnected its people from the world.

 The china firewall has restricted Social media sites and Youtube

Since Chinese government does not allow to access restricted sites so that’s why you face problems while accessing those sites.

The list of websites blocked in China is in great number. This firewall does not allow users to access and retrieve data. Even it blocks certain people to access different sites like

  1. Facebook
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Youtube
  4. Twitter
  5. Dropbox
  6. Instagram
  7. Netflix
  8. BBC and the list go on.

The situation is very complex but users can unblock sites through VPN. since we have explained the best VPN service provider now we will explain you the alternative VPNs.

  • Unlocator VPN works like the internet with no restriction. It creates a mask on your IP address.
  • ExpressVPN is very secure and reliable. Works in a private manner. Its service is available all 24/7.
  • IPvanish is considered as a world fastest and reliable VPN because it offers secure access. It is also the best VPN for KODI.

How to access your favorite YouTube channel?

YouTube channel does not work in China but you can access it through VPN. Now follow the below instructions you will get to know that how exactly it works.

  • You need to turn on the service of VPN before arriving in China
  • Then link it to the responsible server
  • After the successful linkage, you are ready to access YouTube channel

Is there any Free VPN in China?

Well, all VPN service provider do not cost money but there are some options. Some VPN works in a free mode but the bad thing about these VPNs are that

  1. they are very limited
  2. they cause extremely a slow connection
  3. they make VPN troublesome

so, we would recommend that Free VPN is not a good option so don’t try for FREE VPN.

Banned keywords in China

  • Overall notions: are obviously consensus, human rights, anti-communist, autocracy, despotism, etc.
  • Tibet related: Tibetan independence, Dalai Lama, etc.
  • Rebels: Tankman (the unknown activist), Jung Chang, etc.
  • Anti-government news sites: China News Digest, Voice of America, etc.

A Quick Overview

In this guide, we have explained that how easily you can access banned websites in China.

We have explained HideMyAss Pro a successful VPN provider that allows you to access the banned web contents.

The alternative VPNs have also explained their complete 24/7 service solution.

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