GDPR blocked websites? How To Access Blocked Websites


The Block websites won’t allow you to access some contents and websites. To access block websites, you need to follow the different methods or some useful tools that directly connect you with the blocked websites.

GDPR blocked websites? How To Access Blocked Websites

Since there are many services there are available to Access Blocked Websites. In this article, I will guide you how to access block websites.

The foremost method is the use of the proxy, it performs its duties well especially when you face blockade. It acts as data protection program to unblock the site.

There are many free services are available for proxy usage, for instance, we have HMA Pro, if you wish to use HMA Pro service then,

  1. Simply visit its website, and write the URL.
  2. After that start browsing the blocked website with the help of HMA Pro
  3. Do not worry it completely works in an anonymous way

VPN service provider

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it plays a very important role. Hence, it acts as the role of the connecting bridge, works in a friendly way and totally in an anonymous way.

VPN is like a shield. It not only allows you to access restricted sites but it also secure your data as well. You will see, there are the different version of VPN providers are available some are paid and some are unpaid. So now let’s discuss how easily you can unblock sites and access the restricted one hence the reason is GDPR.


When does GDPR go into effect?

Well, GDPR has some serious issues that are to block EU invitees. That is not on permanent basis but if you are residing in EU then this would be a big trouble for you since you will get block due to GDPR. Either you are at work or wherever the websites will be blocked at work.


Now the question is how GDPR effect?

Since it only depends on the GDPR the have selected EU visitors to access the required data. But the good news is that the following methods are completely easy to access from the restricted contents.

The first method we have already explained to you that is VPN service provider. But in this paragraph, I will add the reliable VPNs that should be your first choice.

They are

  • Your first choice should be HideMyAss Pro
  • Go to the VPN service and signup for HideMyAss Pro
  • After signup side visit to the website for downloading.
  • Now, go to the right app that is authentic and workable for your device just install it.
  • Open it when it asks for further details, and start login.
  • Choose the required country that is the US and then link it to the server.

Now you can easily access the websites the internet provider blocking websites. Visit any website you won’t face any problem.

Alternatives VPN services

The alternative VPN services also offer the high level of services. Well, this completely depends on you how to use them. VPNs hide your real identity and protect your actual location. Now let’s discuss the three alternative VPNs one by one


  1. UnlocatorVPN

Unlocator VPN is identified as a ‘Smart DNS’ and it slightly diverges itself to the VPN. Hence it allows you to access all those contents where you face some sort of restrictions.

Unlocator is basically a Danish company it only focuses is to provide and help people to access the restricted sites.


  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN hides your identity, works as protector and provides a complete 24/7 service.

Express VPN is friendly with all devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone etc.


  1. iPvanish

IPvanish also offers amazing services, it is very reliable, secure and also works with different devices. It is the world’s fastest VPN and it is very easy to use on apps.


The GDPR EU is introduced to protect your privacy as an EU citizen hence, data protection acts also keep this thing in the favor of EU as the law providers perform their duties in a fair manner. Whatever you perceive about GDPR but the reality is that EU data protection regulation, hampers your access to some of the websites. Some websites do not answerable to the rules and regulations of GDPR. Well, the usages of VPN services will be benign to your approach towards such rules and regulations.

If you put the required data and personal information then don’t worry you won’t get an abusive approach that data will be allocated in a positive manner.


The overall gist of this guide is that some of the US-based websites have blocked EU citizens and won’t allow them to access. In this guide, we have taught you that how easily you can access those websites through VPN, alternative VPNs.

Well, our first recommendation is to use Hidemyass that is easier to use by following the above instructions. Get that VPN or from the alternative one installed it and enjoy accessing the blocked sites.

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  1. Caleb Webster on

    Interesting article, GDPR for sure stirred the water everywhere. I guess there is some people who’s still lost and confused of how to access now blocked sites but as you’ve mentioned there’s no need to panic, just purchase a vpn service. I’ve done it long time ago for streaming Netflix and now have no problems with geo-restriction what so ever. Btw, I’m using Nordvpn, they really do the job well.

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